Wedding Season 2022 full Movie Download In English Hindi Tamil Telugu 1080p 720p 480p




Wedding Season 2022 full Movie Download In English Hindi Tamil Telugu 1080p 720p 480p 


The movie has jokes, like the barbed insults the two exchange when they meet at a diner for cheeseburgers and sloppy fries after learning that their folks signed them up on the same dating app. It has twists, like when they figure out that they don’t like each other but agree to enter into a fake relationship, all so that the local yentas will stop pestering them. It has turns, like when they realize they do like each other, so that now they‘re faking the fakery. It has secrets and deceptions, along with a generic semblance of the spinning-top vibe a movie like this one strives for.Wedding Season 2022 Movie Download.

Okay, but is any of this actually, you know, funny? “Wedding Season” is good for a few smiles, a sprinkling of CTM moments, and so on. But it’s not as if the movie is going to leave Ben Hecht nodding with delighted approval from screwball heaven. It’s a processed confection that has come off the streaming assembly line. Yet if the comedy here is mostly routine, the romance is another thing. It really does work, because the actors don’t just phone in the love story — they dance with it, commit to it, and own it.

The biggest difference between a romantic comedy you’ll see on Netflix and the kind of rom-coms that have played in movie theaters since the early ‘90s (though there are now just a few of them per year) is that the theatrical version is almost always built around brand-name stars, whereas the streaming version often features little-known actors who are on their way up (or maybe even not). That can make these movies seem a pale imitation of the real thing — the rom-com as fan fodder, minus the marquee sparkle. But there’s a weird way that it can give a trifle like “Wedding Season” a certain advantage.

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