Naked and Afraid Season 12: Release Date, Cast and Everything Else


Naked and Afraid is a hit reality show which airs on the Discovery Channel. The show has been renewed 11 times which also suggests that the show has successfully finished 11 seasons. The plot of the show is quite simple, a man & a woman are left alone in the middle of the jungle and they have to survive the wilderness of nature.

The premise of the show

As mentioned earlier the show features two participants. In addition to this, the show’s camera crew is also across in the jungle; however, they are not allowed to intervene. In addition to this, the participants are allowed to quit if they cannot survive the wilderness.

The survival instincts of the people are often tested to the fullest. It is quite interesting to see how humans try to live like the neanderthals to survive the challenges in the show and sometimes it would feel quite wrong and absurd.

Release date of Naked and Afraid Season 12

The show is expected to release sometime the following year, given that Discovery Channel renews the show. The 11th season of Naked and Afraid air back in December 2019 and it concluded in March 2020. Since the conclusion of the 11th season, the network is yet to update any details regarding the renewal of the twelfth season.

The show is shot across the United States and previously it was expected that the show will release late in 2020. Nevertheless, the Coronavirus fiasco might delay the release date of the twelfth season as the world is in peril and shootings or most of the projects across the world have stopped.


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