My Spy 2020 Movie Release Date Delayed Once Again – Cast, Story and other details


My Spy is an American action-comedy that is directed by Peter Segal and is written by Eric Hoeber. The movie My Spy stars Dave Bautista Cole Coleman as a lead role. The movie is only 1 week before it was scheduled to release on theatres.

Initially, it was scheduled to release in August 2019 but the movie got delayed by post-production and the release date was shifted to early 2020. But due to coronavirus pandemic, the movie is further delayed to and the release date of The Spy has been scheduled in April 2020.

‘My Spy’ Release Date

Previously the movie was scheduled to release on 23 August 2019 but after this, it got delayed again due to some post-production delays it got shifted to early 2020. The movie was set to release on 7 March 2020 but due to a recent coronavirus outbreak, the release date is scheduled April 17, 2020.

‘My Spy’ Plot

The movie is an American action comedy film. The story of the movie revolves around a strengthened CIA Investigator named JJ. In the movie, a 9-year-old girl Sophie catches the CIA Investigator spying on her family and blows the investigator’s cover. In return to this JJ teaches her how to spy on someone. JJ took this as an easy task but later Sophie proves that you don’t need much experience to outwit an investigator.

‘My Spy’ Cast

The following are the cast members of the movie.

  1. JJ played by Dave Bautista

  2. Emmy played by Keller Viaene

  3. Sophie Newton played by Chloe Coleman

  4. Selma played by Olivia Depatie

  5. Bobbi Ault played by Kristen Schaal

  6. Carlos played by Devere Rogers

  7. Kim Trang played by Ken Joeng

  8. Marquez played by Greg Bryk

  9. Kate Newton played by Parisa Fitz-Henley


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