9xbuddy 2020 website : Simple Online Downloader – Is it safe?


Who does not like watching movies online at home? And they are plenty of films downloading website on the internet. And even being a piracy website, 9xbuddy is still one of the best downloader available on the internet

Yet thousands of people use these sites to download the film of their choice as they wish. But using the downloader arises a lot of question on mind. Here in this article we will discuss 9xbuddy in detail and let you know if the site is safe, the latest hits on the website etc.

About 9xbuddy

9xbuddy is a video downloading website. It supports almost thousands of channels for downloading videos. Here it ha access to nearly all the latest Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films on it’s a library which you may access at any time anywhere. There you will find the latest top hits of the movies. So here is the detailed information on the downloader it’s active URLs that you will need while downloading the video online. 

How And When Did 9xbuddy Start?

9xbuddy began in 2014, and since then it never had to look back. The online downloader supports almost 1786 websites of online movie downloads now. It has launched its app recently online. And the app is also as simple as the site to use if not more comfortable. There are some easy steps you need to follow, and you have your favorite movie on your phone. 

How Does This Website Work?

9xbuddy is one of the most former online video downloaders. It helps you download the films or videos of your desire. The site enables you to download the videos with some simple steps. And using the app which the site has launched is even a better and more comfortable choice than the site. Thus the website is one of the best video downloaders you have seen. 

What Are The Recent Movies Leaked By 9xbuddy?

Several options of movies are available on the downloader. But the best is the latest leaked films. Even this year the downloader has leaked some of the top hits of the year. Let’s have a look at the list of the latest hit films on the site. 

  • Chhappak

  • Thappad

  • Stree

  • The Zoya Factor

  • Tanhaji

  • Street Dancer

  • Bala

  • Kabir Singh

  • Dusshera

Is It Safe To Download Movies From 9xBuddy?

These downloaders use different ways which make your private data vulnerable to hackers. And even when you use the websites, you are violating the rule by the government. And always remember that according to the government rule piracy is still the punishable act. So these all factors do not make using the site safe for movie download. 

Is this a legal 9xbuddy?

Downloading a movie is not illegal. But piracy is unlawful according to law and order of India. So downloading a film from 9xbuddy is an unlawful thing to do. And this can land you in some unfavorable situation if you take this action. We also prefer that you take the way of using the paid downloader to download the latest films. 

Alternative Websites For 9xbuddy

Plenty of websites offer alternative options for downloading videos online. There are several options available as alternative websites too. These websites give you a similar chance to download the videos similarly to the 9xbuddy. So better it is that you keep the information about them on your mind.  Let’s have a look at the sites. 

  • Vidpaw

  • Keepvid

  • Freemake video downloader

  • 4k video downloader

  • Vidmate

  • Videorder

  • Saveyoutube

  • Savemedia

  • Lenddo

  • Ossclass

Best movie categories on 9xBuddy

There are plenty of movies available on the site. And if the site sorts none of the movies on a well-distributed in some categories, choosing one may seem a bit confusing, especially when you are just randomly going through the stuff. So you may want to learn about the best and most searched categories on the downloader. The following are the list of some of the best categories of available movies on the site. 

  • Drama

  • Romance

  • Horror

  • Thriller

  • Action

  • War

  • Fighting

  • Fantasy

  • Sci-fi

The special features that make 9xbuddy so popular

There are several movie downloaders and app present on the internet which offers the latest films and simple movie download. But still lakhs of people prefer 9xbuddy when it comes to movie download. There are some reasons that people prefer downloader even after it being a piracy website. 

  • The 9xbuddy is one of the simplest movie downloaders on the internet. There are no complicated plugins and no place of tricky steps to follow to download the film on your mobile. You need to touch your phone and click on some points, else than that the movie gets downloaded easily in a simple way.  

  • The app of 9xbuddy is way better than any other movie downloading app present on the internet. Using the app is even straightforward than using the website. You can download the movie in a simpler way than the website.  


This article only means to inform you about the online video downloading site 9xbuddy. It does not promote any piracy activity. Rather we can say no on using these websites as they are potentially dangerous and can land you on some unfavorable situation. 


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